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Mandarin Imports and Exports

Mandarin imports & exports (MIE)

Does your company need a better forklift to improve your teamwork effciency? You come to the right place. We have the best Forklift attachment sale and Forklift attachment hire.

For all your forklift attachments and forklift parts need, like forklift parts, attachments, handling and, warehouse equipment and reconditioned & used attachment.

We have over 80 years forklift industry experience which guarantees excellent service and proficient understanding of your individual requirements.

Mandarin imports & exports supply extensive range of forklift parts and accessories like engine parts, transmission parts, hydraulic parts, steering parts, brake parts, mast parts, filters, cooling parts, chassis parts, electrical parts and standard parts, Forklift solid tyres/ wheelsForklift goods cagewhich are available for most makes and models.

We also offer Container ramps sale/hire, Forklift tyne/fork extension slippers sale/hireForklift Lifting Jib sale/hireHydraulic bin tipper sale/hireForklift rotator sale/hireSafety cage/ man cage/ work platform sale/hire, Pallet Jack sale/hire, Forklift parts sale, Forklift tynes/ forks sale/hire, Forklift Load guards, Forklift seat, Forklift side shift. 

We are an independently owned Australian company that specialises in imports & exports the forklifts and accessories.

For all forklift brand requirements: we stock komatsu forklift parts, hyster forklift extensions, ,toyota forklift attachments ,crown forklifts battery ,electric linde forklift ,counterbalance  manitou forklift ,tcm forklift pallet jack ,yale high reach forklift ,nissan lifted trucks ,hyster forklift types ,clark safety cage ,for their repires and service pls contact us

We supply, hire and sell Sydney forklift parts to clients in various parts of Australia including Sydney, Fairfield East, Fairfield , Wetherill Park, Auburn , Blacktown, Cabramatta, Lidcombe, Bankstown, Liverpool, Parramatta.

Most of our twin tyne forklift parts are available straight off the shelf and can be distributed from all state capital cities. Parts that aren’t stocked will usually be sourced in short time. We have the best price on pallet jack sydney,  forklift suspension and forklift bin tipper; for all your forklift spare parts pls contact us

Our forklift spare parts Team is fully trained and experienced to interpret your needs and will locate the part from a large range of suppliers. We guarantee that it will be the highest quality and at the best possible price. For your Trolleys, Gas Bottle Handling, Drum Handling Equipment, Custom Steel Fabrication, Forklift Drum Inverter, Forklift Drum Lifter - 2 Drum Lifter, Heavy Duty Forklift Drum Rotator, Forklift Carpet Pole (Slip On attachment), Forklift Carpet Pole (Carriage Mount), 

  • Forklift Bucket Attachment

  • Forklift Bucket Attachment, Forklift Bulk Bag Lifter, Forklift Broom Attachment, Forklift Bulk Bag Lifter (Raised), Forklift Attachments, Crane Lifting Attachments, Pallet Cages & Steel Stillages

Give us a call at 02-97270753, and we will give you the best advice and knowledge on what you need and the best price. 

We are the forklift parts direct importer and wholesaler, we guarantee the best prices in Sydney. Call and compare 

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